We are no longer offering workshops or seminars.

The Marketing Made Easy Workshops are in-depth hands on marketing training for small business owners who are serious about growing their business and are ready to dig in and transform the way they market their business.


The Marketing Made Easy System

This workshop is for small business owners who are tired of winging-it, experimenting or copying what others are doing and are serious about increasing revenues and growing their business. This is a 12 hour workshop broken up into 4 – three hour – classes so that the business owner can learn while running their company.

No Workshops scheduled.


Get and Keep Your Most Profitable Customers

Most small business owners spend a lot of time and money trying to compete and fail to understand the process customers use to buy products and services. Harness the power of psychological marketing by focusing on the right prospects, the right problem, the right solution and the right message and rush the competition. This is a 6 hour workshop broken up into 2 – three hour – classes.

No workshops scheduled.

We are no longer offering workshops or seminars.

 The Marketing Made Easy Free Seminars introduce you to essential marketing resources designed to improve the way that you reach and engage new customers and grow your business

Learn How to Avoid the 4 Biggest Marketing Pitfalls that Cause Small Business Owners to Lose Customers

Learn how to avoid the 4 biggest marketing pitfalls that cause small business owners to lose customers. Stop winging-it, guessing and hoping. End the confusion and frustration. Discover how to easily create a marketing system that consistently attracts more customers. (1.5 hours) No Workshops in October

Discover 3 Easy Ways to Overcome Bad Online Reviews and Get More 5 Star Reviews

Service Providers cannot afford to have bad online reviews, they can ruin their business.  Learn how to overcome the effects of a bad online reviews, how to build a 5 star online reputation, and how to market your 5 star reputation to get more customers. (1 hour) No Workshops in October