About Marketing for Success Academy

MSA_Square_Shaded_Transparent_smallThe Small Business Administration says that 98% of business are classified as small to medium sized business and 85% hire between 1 and 9 employees. Small and medium sized business owners embrace free enterprise, independence, hard work, commitment, passion and responsibility. They support our kids sports leagues, attend our churches, hire our neighbors and stand up for community improvement.

At Sierra Pacific Marketing we believe that small and medium sized business owners are the backbone of our community and deserve every opportunity to grow their business.

We also understand that most of them cannot afford a marketing firm to promote their business and that they struggle daily to get new customers while trying to run their business at the same time.

That is why we created the Marketing for Success Academy and the Marketing Made Easy Series, to come along side and pass on the knowledge and skills that we have gained over the years. We want them to be able to effectively compete in the market place with out the confusion and frustration that comes with winging-it and trial and error.

As of October 1, 2015 we have decided to retire and spend more time with family and personal interests.